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sandcastle's Journal

22 June
A lot of stuff I write in here is just incoherent babbling, so don't expect anything to make sense.
420, aaliyah, anti-racism, b.e.t., banana cream pie, beads, bisexuality, black and white photography, black eyeliner, burlesque, buttered vegetables, candy necklaces, chanel no. 5, chemical brothers, cherry tomatoes, chinese food, chocolate chip muffins, craig david, craziness, dancing, dark comedies, dc, dirty south, east village, erotica, escalade trucks, exotic dancer, exotic dancing, feather boas, fight club, fishnets, flea markets, foxy brown, getting drunk, getting my freak on, ghetto life, greek food, hair dye, handcuffs, hemp, high heels, hip hop, hot men, hot sex, ikea, inca bags, incense, india arie, interracial dating, interracial love, interracial relationships, interview with the vampire, jill scott, kentucky fried chicken, keroppi, kickboxing, knee-high boots, lava lamps, long hair, louisiana hot sauce, lucky charms, making money, marilyn manson, minority issues, multiculturalism, my amigaz, my familia, myself, new york, noreaga, nyc, outkast, pacific sunwear, phat farm, piercings, platforms, playboy, poetry, pole dancing, powerpuff girls, prada, pucca, queer eye, rap, real vampires, reality shows, retro stuff, rolling stone magazine, russian food, sex, shirley manson, shopping, smirnoff ice, sorbet, sparkly lip gloss, spoken word, spongebob squarepants, staying up late, stripping, sylvia plath, taco bell, taking it off, tank tops, tea tree oil, techno, that 70's show, the 70's, the sopranos, thigh highs, thongs, thrift shops, thugs, total, trance, trendiness, trip hop, tupac, urban exploration, vanilla scented candles, vin diesel, vintage clothing, vintage porn, vintage stuff, watermelon, white chocolate, white nail polish, working out, xxx