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Why are poets and emcees so sexy? People that can romance and destroy simultaneously with the power of the spoken and written word? There's something undeniably intriguing about that to me. Last night Kamila and I went down to this open mic thing to hear some rhymes and shit. Kamila is a good sis, I enjoy kickin it with her. But yeah, the night was mad fun, I really enjoyed the hell out of that experience. The only thing that I was disappointed about is that there were more emcees then poets. After a while I wanna hear some poetry. There were only a couple poets there. At the end we got invited to this other open mic thing this saturday by this brotha. Anyhow, there was this chick named Katrina who sang and she sounded just like Alicia Keys. She was the shit, I know she's gonna be famous. She has it. That star quality shit. But yeah back to the poet/emcee thing. I want one. Freestyling after we make love, whispering as they kiss my neck...I wanna be written about. I want to inspire someone to put pen to paper. I want somebody to be talking about only the two of us know...I want that verse to make me anticipate what I'm gonna do to them when we get back to my place.
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