Serenity (sandcastle) wrote,

winter break in DC

I'm in DC right now. Was on the bus for five hours last night from 8:30pm to 1:30am... missed the express so I had to take the local. Went to delaware first, then baltimore, then silver spring, then DC. Couldn't get in touch with my brother to come pick me up so I had to call a cab to drive me home. The cab guy was a trip. Asked me if I was married and all that. Why do DC men always ask that first? Only place in the world where it seems that's the first question I get. I must have that married look.

Today is gonna be mad busy for me... got a lot of shit to do. I have no more time for any bullshit. I've had a few wake-up calls as of late and I've got complete tunnel vision now. I want what I want and I will sacrifice to get it, but anyone best not get in my way.

I get this strange feeling everytime I return to DC. I feel like I don't belong, even though I lived here for years. I feel disconnected, like I ain't part of the crowd no more. Now that I'm close to graduating and actually moving here full-time after graduation, I think the feeling might change.
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