Serenity (sandcastle) wrote,

daily rant

My co-worker is this itty bitty 85 lb. 5'0" person with red hair and pale skin, yet she swears up and down she's hispanic. You have NO idea how much this annoys me. Because she was born in Puerto Rico, she considers herself to be hispanic. So does it mean that if I was born in Sweden, I'd be Swedish??? It just doesn't make sense. Her dad is 100% irish and her mom is just mixed american, so she herself is american, american, american! I don't see how you could be so dumb. She wants to be a minority so she can bitch and whine about injustices against minorities and the oppression she's been through. Give me a break! You're a white girl. You don't know what oppression means. Grrr. Now get this, she told me she's thinking about hosting a minority high school senior for her college's orientation program. I doubt they will gain the experience they want through her. Sad sad sad.
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