Serenity (sandcastle) wrote,

daily rant

I work as a sales associate of a popular clothing store and in one section we have these huge tables that are full of stacks of colorful and rather scandalous panties, so I'm used to the general grossness of customers (really large women who try on the size 5 thong underwear when they could really use a size 50) and I'm accustomed to hearing way more about their personal lives than I ever need to know. On this one night this really unattractive woman with an extremely huge booty was browsing through the panties at 9:55, the store closes at 10. We made frequent announcements that we were closing, but she just kept browsing through the panties. She began screaming "Oooh! These panties say 'juicy'! That perfectly describes my crotch!" I almost fainted. And then her boyfriend who was right beside her said, "Why don't you try them on?" I was such in horror, that I just ran the hell away and hid until they were gone. Then when I came back I was so incredibly pissed off because they had totally demolished that section and did not buy a DAMN THING!
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