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rock the bells [20 Dec 2001|10:59pm]
Why are poets and emcees so sexy? People that can romance and destroy simultaneously with the power of the spoken and written word? There's something undeniably intriguing about that to me. Last night Kamila and I went down to this open mic thing to hear some rhymes and shit. Kamila is a good sis, I enjoy kickin it with her. But yeah, the night was mad fun, I really enjoyed the hell out of that experience. The only thing that I was disappointed about is that there were more emcees then poets. After a while I wanna hear some poetry. There were only a couple poets there. At the end we got invited to this other open mic thing this saturday by this brotha. Anyhow, there was this chick named Katrina who sang and she sounded just like Alicia Keys. She was the shit, I know she's gonna be famous. She has it. That star quality shit. But yeah back to the poet/emcee thing. I want one. Freestyling after we make love, whispering as they kiss my neck...I wanna be written about. I want to inspire someone to put pen to paper. I want somebody to be talking about only the two of us know...I want that verse to make me anticipate what I'm gonna do to them when we get back to my place.
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winter break in DC [12 Dec 2001|03:34pm]
I'm in DC right now. Was on the bus for five hours last night from 8:30pm to 1:30am... missed the express so I had to take the local. Went to delaware first, then baltimore, then silver spring, then DC. Couldn't get in touch with my brother to come pick me up so I had to call a cab to drive me home. The cab guy was a trip. Asked me if I was married and all that. Why do DC men always ask that first? Only place in the world where it seems that's the first question I get. I must have that married look.

Today is gonna be mad busy for me... got a lot of shit to do. I have no more time for any bullshit. I've had a few wake-up calls as of late and I've got complete tunnel vision now. I want what I want and I will sacrifice to get it, but anyone best not get in my way.

I get this strange feeling everytime I return to DC. I feel like I don't belong, even though I lived here for years. I feel disconnected, like I ain't part of the crowd no more. Now that I'm close to graduating and actually moving here full-time after graduation, I think the feeling might change.
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late-night chatroom conversation with my buddies [19 Jul 2001|10:21am]
ERIC: remember when I had hot cyber sex with serenity? well she is pregnant with my cyber baby! please send all gifts to me!
ME: yes!! I have been e-puking and getting e-pregnant boobies and eating lots of e-pickles and e-ice cream in preparation for my first e-child!!
KAILA: *squeals and runs over to feel Serenity's tummy*
KAILA: *gives Serenity and Eric some cigars and champagne*
ME: Dammit!! I can't drink or smoke cause I got da e-baby!!
KAILA: can I be the e-godmother???? hmmmm????
JAY: use Paypal for child support!!!!!!
ME: yes kaila you can be the e-godmother! just don't drop it on its head!
ERIC: after the e-baby is born we will get e-married and hopefully I will be able to get some IRL cybering and see her boobies.
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what has the world come to?! [19 Jul 2001|09:43am]
OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - It may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but pre-sliced peanut butter is on its way to U.S. store shelves in test markets, food researchers from Oklahoma State University said on Monday.

"It's all about convenience," said William McGlynn, a food science professor and part of the team that worked on the project for the past three years at the Stillwater, Oklahoma, school.

"The kids can make their own peanut butter sandwiches without making a mess," McGlynn said.

The peanut butter comes individually wrapped in plastic sheets, like sliced cheese. A package of 16 one-ounce slices is expected to cost about $2.50 and start selling soon in Wal-Mart stores in Oklahoma and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, McGlynn said.

Institutional customers, such as school cafeterias, also have expressed interest in uniform portions, he added.

Only creamy peanut butter will be available at first, but McGlynn said researchers were hard at work on crunchy slices.


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the easiest thing to make and this takes all the fun out of making them. PB&J sandwiches are the first thing you learn to make on your own. PB&J sandwiches make me think of happy childhood memories. Why are they going and ruining an already good thing?! WHY GOD WHY?!
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mmmm... coffee [17 Jul 2001|08:10am]
I brewed some of this extra-strength Starbucks coffee last night, and oh my! Vigor instantly restored, eyes brightened, life itself seeped back into my body! I got all inspired and started playing around with this painter's gel stuff I bought. I discovered that the heavy gel is lotsa fun. I stuck some random bits of paper on illustration board, applied a ton of thick, ridgy gloss, then a wash of thin red paint. It looks almost intentional.

And then after that, I cleaned my bathroom and did laundry at midnight. God, I love coffee.
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daily rant [17 Jul 2001|07:02am]
My co-worker is this itty bitty 85 lb. 5'0" person with red hair and pale skin, yet she swears up and down she's hispanic. You have NO idea how much this annoys me. Because she was born in Puerto Rico, she considers herself to be hispanic. So does it mean that if I was born in Sweden, I'd be Swedish??? It just doesn't make sense. Her dad is 100% irish and her mom is just mixed american, so she herself is american, american, american! I don't see how you could be so dumb. She wants to be a minority so she can bitch and whine about injustices against minorities and the oppression she's been through. Give me a break! You're a white girl. You don't know what oppression means. Grrr. Now get this, she told me she's thinking about hosting a minority high school senior for her college's orientation program. I doubt they will gain the experience they want through her. Sad sad sad.
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what's fer dinner honey? [13 Jul 2001|07:28pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I just made the most delicious thing for dinner. EVER.

Lemon pepper chicken and grilled summer squash with asiago cheese. I never realized that I could make something so sublime, so tasty... and so freakin' easy. I gotta make this more often. Oh, Eddie is back! Which is the main reason why I made this oh-so-tasty meal.

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slap me with a splintered ruler [13 Jul 2001|05:59pm]
My apartment is a fucking wreck. The problem with living in a small place is that it takes only a few things in disarray to make the whole place look bad. The upside is that it doesn't take very much effort to make it look decent again -- but I'm feeling lazy and I don't wanna.

Last night, my cat Daisy went on a rampage through my place around 3am and knocked over my hamper, my large fake houseplant, a pile of magazines, and several baskets filed with even more magazines. And now she's looking at me all sweet and innocent like nothing ever happened.
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if new york city were a human face, what would it look like? [11 Jul 2001|08:18pm]
I just have to share this brilliant spoken word story. It's by S. Girner and was featured in my Russell Simmons' One World magazine.

The faces of New York are colors. They are reflected in the dirty windows of the 1/9 train. The faces of New York are geography. They are the uptown socialite and the East Village painter and the musician in Washington Square Park. The faces of New York are motion. They are the businessmen speeding by and over and under you during rush hour in Grand Central. The faces of New York are innocence. They are the third graders skipping down 10th Street in their school uniform and the elderly couple who hold hands walking through the Park. The faces of New York are blindness. They are the blonde stepping over a homeless man in her Prada shoes. The faces of New York are hunger. They are the actors waiting in line for a BackStage open call. The faces of New York are speed. They are the hip-hop instructor walking in rhythm, his long hair dancing. The faces of New York are exhaustion. They are the old Chinese man fighting his way up the bus steps and the teenage mother on the F train. The faces of New York are cocky. They are the men catcalling, "Hey baby, do you wanna take me home?" The faces of New York are phony. They are the PR woman schmoozing with her perfect voice, they are the blind date promising, "I'll call you." The faces of New York are hope. They are the bikers rushing down 8th Avenue in the final moments of the AIDS ride. The faces of New York are sweat. They are the construction workers in the abysses of the subway and the Kozmo delivery guy in August. The faces of New York are hopelessness. They are the terrified parents waiting in St. Luke's ER and the middle school teacher without enough books and paper. The faces of New York are noise. They are the fans at a Yankee game and the ubiquitous fighting couple next door. The faces of New York are languages. They are mouths that weave together a tapestry of sounds both familiar and not. The faces of New York are music. They move together and apart, they harmonize and scratch out-of-tune; they are loud and soft, and longing and alone. They are me. They are you.
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typing with just-painted nails is hard [11 Jul 2001|07:39pm]
I just painted my nails in a vampy dark red color in a poor attempt to achieve foxiness. Why is it that when my sister Kanisha puts this color on her nails she looks like a diva but when I do, it makes my fingers look like bloody stumps and my skin this awful shade of pale? Obviously, dark colors do not work with my skin tone. I like the name of this color though -- Seduction. I guess I better get this bottle back to my sis' apartment before she notices it's gone. Hehe.

I talked to Eddie today and said he will be back in Ohio on Friday. He said his mother is still hanging on but most probably for not much longer. :-(
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completion of website [09 Jul 2001|05:53am]
[ mood | sad ]

I've finally got my website up and runnin'! You can visit it here.

In other news, rather bad news, my boyfriend Eddie just found out last night that his mom has colon cancer and doesn't have much of a survival rate, she's literally on her deathbed right now. I cried for him last night. I've had a chance to meet her a few times and she's just so wonderful, she's the mother-in-law you hope for when you get married. He's flying out to North Carolina tomorrow to go see her. I hope he stays strong.

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I love Craig David! [06 Jul 2001|10:25pm]
I love everything about Craig David. He's got this incredible voice. He is so fine. Just listening to "Time To Party" makes me wanna get up and shake my bootay.
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daily rant [06 Jul 2001|12:33pm]
I work as a sales associate of a popular clothing store and in one section we have these huge tables that are full of stacks of colorful and rather scandalous panties, so I'm used to the general grossness of customers (really large women who try on the size 5 thong underwear when they could really use a size 50) and I'm accustomed to hearing way more about their personal lives than I ever need to know. On this one night this really unattractive woman with an extremely huge booty was browsing through the panties at 9:55, the store closes at 10. We made frequent announcements that we were closing, but she just kept browsing through the panties. She began screaming "Oooh! These panties say 'juicy'! That perfectly describes my crotch!" I almost fainted. And then her boyfriend who was right beside her said, "Why don't you try them on?" I was such in horror, that I just ran the hell away and hid until they were gone. Then when I came back I was so incredibly pissed off because they had totally demolished that section and did not buy a DAMN THING!
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babble [05 Jul 2001|11:31pm]
I need to go to Wal*Mart so badly. But I can't until I get my paycheck tomorrow. I need some more sticky film for my izone. I want to go to this fabric store too. I've been having this strange craving lately to alter some of my clothing.

It's been almost a week (which feels like eternity when you're in love) since I've seen Eddie. We're going out tomorrow and when I see him, I'm gonna go up to him and wrap my arms around him and give him a nice long kiss. I haven't felt this way about anyone in such a long time. It's exhilarating. I swore I'd never fall for a guy this way and be open to all the possible emotional scars I could get. So far, so good.
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has BET sold out to MTV? [05 Jul 2001|08:25pm]
The signs are showing. I was watching BET and out of nowhere a damn N*Sync video comes on. What the fuck? N*Sync is not R&B and will never be for that matter. Oh my god, this is the beginning of the end. What will be next? Britney Spears? Dat's nasty.
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daily rant [05 Jul 2001|01:55pm]
Why do people in the grocery store make it their personal objective to block the aisles and walk slow? All I want is my refried beans, my black olives and some sour cream and these grocery store heifers seem to follow me every where I go. They block the aisles with their huge asses and stand in front of what you need. Move your big hoochie ass! Why you gotta stand there looking at some spaghetti and ravioli and debate on which one you want? It took me thirty minutes just to get those three things. Damn.
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bedroom karma [05 Jul 2001|12:19pm]
It's fun shopping for house stuff. I've been shopping online for comforters and sheets for my bedroom. I'm looking for something that's sensual and sexy to increase my bedroom's karma. Heh. I've been browsing through JCPenney.com because they always got good stuff. I've got red walls so I'm gonna have to pick something that will match. So far I kinda like this one (I love leopard print), this one and this one. I can't decide! Decisions, decisions!
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hey hey momma, love the way you move... [05 Jul 2001|11:02am]
Kaila! I know you gonna be reading this. You are such a lovely person! I'm so happy I met you. Haven't talked to you in a week or so, huh? How's Cali? I wrote a story for you. Hope I see you online soon. Email me if you have the time. Miss ya. :-D
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the spark.com tests [05 Jul 2001|10:59am]
Here are my results:


Hmmm. More bitchy than sluty?
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random facts [04 Jul 2001|09:40pm]
My favorite music is by Craig David, Outkast, Cibo Matto, Shonen Knife, Fiona Apple, Eminem, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Destiny's Child, Dido, Voice of the Beehive, 98 Degrees, Matchbox Twenty, Mariah Carey, Total, Dr. Dre, Toni Braxton, Macy Gray, Boyz II Men

I really hate country music.

My favorite movies are Friday, Half Baked, The Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty, Dick, Gladiator, Being John Malkovich, Seven, The Breakfast Club, JFK, My Cousin Vinny, Big Momma's House, The Cider House Rules, Casino

I love movies based on true stories.

My favorite shows are Sex and The City, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Daily Show, Weakest Link, The Real World, The Sopranos, SNL, Jackass

My favorite actors/actresses are Johnny Depp, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Kevin Costner, Julia Roberts, Russell Crowe, Cameron Diaz, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman

I love reality shows especially MTV's The Real World. My favorite season was the original New York one. My least favorite was London.

I feel "naked" without my watch on.

I spend way too much time thinking about past actions and conversations and what I should have said/did differently.

Even though I'm of mixed heritage, I make an effort to only date white men.

I try to avoid talking on the phone as much as possible to people. I'd much rather talk to them in person.

I almost died when I was 3 years old from a stomach virus. I spent 7 days in the hospital. I had knee surgery when I was 12, a broken collar bone when I was 16 and surgery to remove an ovarian cyst when I was 20.

Because I'm on the pretty side, I find that I have to prove to people that I'm not stupid and that in fact I do have intelligence. I often have to go out of way and do extra work to let people know I'm smarter than I look.

I am a supporter of animal rights and gay rights.

I don't do drugs, don't smoke and only social drink occassionally.

One thing I'm addicted to is lip gloss. My favorite brand is Naturistics. I have 10 pots of the stuff constantly in sight ready for me to grab.
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